Fourteen generations from Abraham to David – fourteen generations for God’s promise to be made complete.

God promised a nation.  God promised descendants that would number the stars and the sand.   Despite greed, disobedience, deceit, and all other manner of turning away practiced by the people of Israel, God was faithful.  He prodded, begged, and even coerced Israel to follow his will.  Finally in David he established the great Kingdom of Israel which, bolstered by David’s son, Solomon, stood as a beacon of God’s provision and will.

Fourteen generations from David to the exile – fourteen generations for Israel’s conceit to be made complete.

God repeatedly showered blessings upon Israel.  He lifted them up as a nation, despite disobedience and sin.  Even when Israel rejected His leadership and clamored for a king so they would be like the other nations, God blessed them with wealth and prestige.   God showed his grace and mercy yet Israel rebelled.   Exile was not a measure of God’s anger and vengeance against Israel, but that it took fourteen generations shows the depth of God’s patience.

Fourteen generations from the exile to Christ – fourteen generations before humanity was ready to be made complete.

Having rejected the leadership of God and endeavoring to live according to their own hand Israel languished in exile.  Even as Israel returned to rebuild Jerusalem, God’s hand remained distant.   Israel, weakened spiritually and physically, suffered waves of invasion until it was firmly in the hands of Roman masters.   All the while, the promise of restoration remained.  How long will God’s promise be delayed?; became the cry of Israel.  Then at the birth of Christ the anguishing wait came to an end.  God provided the perfect plan of salvation through the sacrifice of His Son.  Sorrowfully many in Israel were not able to recognize the Messiah had come.

Three epochs, fourteen generations each, and human interaction with God’s salvation was established.  While God still moves and the final establishment of His Kingdom remains, His plan is brought to fruition.  Praise be to God who is and was and is to be.