I began re-reading John this morning. I told myself, as I clicked on the link to the book, that I wanted to read several chapters. I spent the next thirty minutes on the first 18 verses. The following words are my reaction to those verses.

He is the light and where the light shines there is life.
Life that darkness cannot understand.
He is that light that came, but we are blind and cannot see.

God, you made us with your own hands.
Your breath gave life to us.
But we don’t know you , we run from you.

Open our eyes so we can see.
Open our arms so we can receive,
The one who brings glory and grace.

When we will see Him for who He is,
We will testify that He is real.
We will proclaim that the light shines.
We will shout that He has come to us.
From God’s own side
Bringing grace to us.

Praise to God.