Congregation of One

Congregation of One was written for only one purpose: That I would remember the lessons God was trying to teach me.  God has a unique way of speaking to me.  He uses sermons.  I know that might not sound very profound.  A few million people around the world listen to sermons on a weekly basis.  The difference is that these are sermons heard only by me.  God’s words fill my mind, and I hear my own voice preaching to me.  I am not sure when I started preaching to myself, but I admit it has been going on for quite some time.  I could be lying in bed, driving down the highway, or any quiet moment, and something pops into my mind, and I begin to script a sermon in my mind.  Sometimes, the thoughts come in a gushing stream.  At other moments the sermon begins as disjointed fragments that finally fit together as I allow my mind to absorb the lesson.

It took me a while to understand that God was really trying to teach me through these sermons.  At first, I was overly impressed with my own cleverness.  But, God eventually was able to open my eyes to the true purpose of these private church services.  I remember driving to Oklahoma from Austin.  I was in route to my in-laws home to join my family.  God had been dealing with me over a few very tightly held pieces of myself, and over the course of the seven-hour drive that Plymouth mini-van was a rolling revival service.  It was then I realized that, although in my mind it was me preaching to a congregation of hundreds, in reality it was God preaching to a congregation of one.


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